Save green by going green!

Kiddco Plumbing helps you conserve water and energy with green plumbing services. Reducing consumption of water and energy not only reduces your utility bills but also contributes to environmental conservation and reduces our dependence on foreign energy.

Trained to conserve.

Our plumbers receive regular training on the latest water and energy efficient techniques, fixtures and equipment. We help you find ways to conserve water and energy in your home or business by performing a comprehensive audit of your water and water heating energy usage.

WaterSense is the way to go!

Toilets account for approximately 30% of the water usage in your home. By replacing an old toilet with a WaterSense toilet you save approximately 4,000 gallons of water per year. WaterSense toilets use about 20% less water per flush while providing the same or better performance. The EPA estimates that installing WaterSense toilets will save an average family of four approximately $90 per year in water bills. A typical showerhead uses about 2.5 gallons of water per minute, but a WaterSense showerhead uses less than 2 gallons of water without sacrificing performance.

Hot water for less.

A tankless or on-demand water heater heats the water as you use it as opposed to a conventional water heater that keeps hot water available all day. You can save 8-50% on your water heating energy costs depending on your water usage and how your tankless water heating system is installed.