Sterling Plumbing Services

Kiddco Plumbing is Northern Virginia’s full service Sterling plumbing services providers. As one of Northern Virginia’s premier plumbing contractor, we provide a complete range of plumbing services to homeowners in and around the Loudoun County area.

  • Boiler Installation & Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Lines
  • Water Lines
  • Water Heaters
  • Sink Repairs & Installation
  • Faucet Repair & Installation
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen Repair
  • Bathroom Repairs
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Camera Inspections
  • Gas Leaks
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Sewer Line Service
  • Sump & Ejector Pumps
  • Backflow Testing
  • Water Softeners
  • Well Pump Service
  • AO Smith Water Heaters

Boiler Installation & Repair

Fairfax Boilers Service, Repair and Installation

If you are looking for someone with proven experience to handle your boiler needs in Fairfax, you can turn to Kiddco Plumbing. We carry over 20 years of experience meeting the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia, and our technicians have built a solid reputation for top quality service on boiler heating systems. Whether you need service, repair or installation, your boiler is in safe hands with Kiddco Plumbing. We are familiar with all leading boiler manufacturers and our team is dedicated to keeping your unit working in top condition so that you can reap the many benefits of using a boiler in your home or business.

Whether you want to schedule a consultation to discuss a conversion from an oil burning boiler to a gas boiler or your current boiler needs preventative maintenance, Kiddco Plumbing will serve you with fast, affordable and personalized service every time. When helping customers make decisions, we always evaluate their heating requirements thoroughly and consider important issues such as air quality and carbon monoxide safety.

Advantages of Using A Boiler

Using a boiler to heat your home or business offers significant advantages. Customers often choose boilers because of their strong energy efficiency. There are many benefits of choosing a boiler, including the following:

  • Small size and easy to install
  • Silent operation
  • Zone control – more cost effective and energy efficient
  • Safe – no risk for fire or explosions
  • Even heat distribution
  • Cleanliness – boilers do not blow forced air, which reduces dust and allergens

If you have questions about your boiler, contact us today. We are the experts you can turn to for your entire water heater and boiler needs in Fairfax, Arlington and other Northern Virginia areas. We make it a priority to fix your boiler right the first time so that you get the longevity you deserve out of your heating system.

Drain Cleaning

Sterling VA Drain Cleaning

You can depend on Kiddco Plumbing for fast, efficent Sterling VA drain cleaning and clog removal throughout Northern Virginia. With today’s busy schedules, the last thing you need is a clogged drain and they always seem to happen at the worst possible moment, such as when you are already late for work or when you have company over for the holidays. For business or commercial plumbing clients, a clogged drain is often more than an inconvenience. Depending on the business and what drain is clogged, it can shut you down until you get the drain cleaned and flowing freely.

Unclog Sink Drains Leesburg

Fortunately, the experienced plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing unclog sink drains in Leesburg, Chantilly, Sterling and all of Northern Virginia. Kiddco plumbers are Northern Virginia’s experts at quickly and efficiently clearing both residential and commercial clogged drains. One call to Kiddco Plumbing and we will send one of our drain cleaning experts to your home or office to unclog and clear your sink drains other drains quickly.

It is almost impossible to avoid the occasional clogged drain. Over time soap, grease, hair, bits of food and other materials accumulate and cause slow or completely stopped up drain lines.

Chantilly Drain Repairs

If you need Chantilly drain repairs or drain repairs anywhere in Northern Virginia, avoid the temptation to remove the clog using a commercial liquid drain cleaner that you can buy at a local supermarket or hardware store. These “drain cleaners” contain caustic chemicals that can cause burns if you splash any on yourself and they can harm the inside of your pipes. The biggest problem with these chemicals is that they usually don’t work and the result is you now have a clogged drain with a sink full of caustic chemicals instead of a sink full of water.

Leave the job of drain repairs and clearing clogged drains to the professionals at Kiddco Plumbing. They have heavy duty, commercial grade drain cleaning equipment and the experience to find the source of the clog and quickly remove it. They will have your drains flowing freely in no time.

An expert Kiddco plumber is standing by 24/7 to handle plumbing emergencies. If your drain clogs at night or on the weekend, contact our Sterling Drain Cleaning Experts at Kiddco Plumbing for fast, friendly emergency drain reparis and drain cleaning service.

Drain Lines

Sterling Drain Line Repair

Do you need Sterling drain line repair? Kiddco Plumbing is Northern Virginia’s drain line repair expert. Drain lines carry the waste water from your sinks, toilets, bathtubs and appliances to the main sewer line. A clogged drain line will prevent your fixtures and appliances from draining and depending on where the clog is located, it can cause waste water to back up into other fixtures in your home or business.

Merrifield VA Drain Line Plumbers

If you are looking for the best in Merrifield VA drain line plumbers, look no further than Kiddco Plumbing, Northern Virginia’s expert drain line plumbers. A broken or leaking drain line is a serious problem whether it is inside or outside your home or building. The water can damage walls, ceilings and floors and lead to mold and mildew growth. In addition, waste water is unsanitary and a leaky or broken drain line can be a health hazard.

The dependable plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing are experts at repairing or replacing all types of drain lines including PVC, ABS, Cast Iron, and DWV Copper. No matter what type of drain line problem you have, Kiddco’s experienced plumbers can take care of it. Many older homes have cast iron drain lines that begin to corrode, leak and crack after 25 to 30 years in service. Cast iron drain lines can be difficult to work with, but Kiddco’s drain line plumbers have years of experience repairing and replacing cast iron drain lines.

Ashburn Drain Plumbers

Kiddco Plumbing is your source for the best plumbers in Northern Virginia including expert Merrifield, Sterling, and Ashburn drain plumbers. Clogged drains can be anything from a soap and hair clog in a sink drain trap to a more serious clog further in the drain lines. If multiple sinks, tubs or toilets are slow or stopped up, or if waste water draining from the upper floors of your home or commercial building causes water to back up in sinks, tubs or toilets on lower floors, you probably have a clog deep in your drain lines or even a sewer or septic system failure.

Clearing these types of clogs calls for an experienced professional plumber like the experts at Kiddco plumbing. Their expert drain plumbers have the latest professional grade clog clearing tools and equipment including high tech digital video camera inspections to locate the clog and high pressure hydro jetting to thoroughly clear clogs and clean the inside of your drains. Kiddco’s plumbers know how to clear tough clogs fast.

Contact our Sterling Drain Line Repair Experts at Kiddco Plumbing today for quality drain line services at an affordable price. We will your drains flowing again as quickly as possible.

Water Lines

Sterling Water Line Repair Plumbers

Looking for dependable Sterling water line repair plumbers? Kiddco Plumbing serves all of Northern Virginia with expert water line repairs. A leaking or broken water line is a serious problem that needs immediate attention by a plumbing professional. A leaking water line will not only waste water and increase your water bills, but the water can cause erosion around your foundation and under driveways and sidewalks. The water can leak into your basement or crawlspace and contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. A leaking water line will usually get worse quickly so call us for expert plumbing services including water line repairs at the first sign of trouble.

Chantilly VA Water Line Plumbing

We offer top quality plumbing services to the Northern Viginia area including Sterling, McLean, and Chantilly VA water line plumbing. Most water lines break or start leaking underground. In some cases, a broken line is obvious since there is water flooding the parking lot or basement, but many times it can be days or weeks before the homeowner or business owner realizes there is a problem.

Signs of a broken water line include a soft or wet spot in the yard that never dries and unusually high water bills. If you turn off the water supply at the house or commercial building, but the meter out at the street still shows water flowing, that is a sure sign of a water leak. Have a professional plumber take care of it right away.

McLean Plumbing Repair

If you need a McLean plumbing repair or have or suspect you have a leaking or broken water line in Northern Virginia, call the water line repair experts at Kiddco Plumbing. They have years of experience in the repair, replacement and installation of water lines for residential and commercial plumbing clients.

Kiddco Plumbing uses high tech leak detection equipment to find the exact location of the leak and avoid unnecessary digging. Depending on the type of pipe and the nature of the leak or break, your Kiddco Plumber will review your options with you. Copper piping and some PVC water lines can often be repaired, but if you have older galvanized or polybutylene, the water line will usually need to be replaced.

Contact our Sterling Water Line Repair Plumbers at the first sign of water line problems. You can count on our expert plumbers for fast, professional water line repairs, installation and replacement. We provide free up front estimates on most plumbing repairs to avoid any surprises and all of our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

Water Heaters

Sterling Water Heater Repairs

Kiddco Plumbing is the Northern Virginia expert in commercial and residential water heater repairs, replacement, and installation including Sterling water heater repairs. In addition to carrying the full line of high quality, energy efficient A.O. Smith water heaters, our professional plumbers have the training and experience to repair, replace and install water heaters by any of the major manufacturers.

An average conventional water heater only lasts about 13 years before it stops heating water or worse, starts leaking. If your water heater is getting old, call Kiddco Plumbing today and schedule a water heater replacement before your old water heater gives out and starts leaking all over the floor.

Merrifield Water Heater Installation

If you need a great plumber to handle your Merrifield water heater installation, call the Northern Virginia water heater installation pros at Kiddco Plumbing. The good news is that advances in technology have made today’s water heaters much more efficient than water heaters made only a few years ago. With a new energy efficient water heater, you will save money every month on your water heating energy costs.

In addition, there are many alternatives to choose from. In addition to energy efficient gas and electric conventional water heaters, there are tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters available in both and electric models, and electric heat pump water heaters. The right water heater for your home depends on your volume and pattern of water usage and your personal preference. Our water heater experts can help you choose a water heater that will meet your family’s water heating needs and do a professional water heater installation.

Leesburg VA Water Heater Repair

With over 20 years of experience meeting the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia, you can count on Kiddco Plumbing for your commercial and residential Leesburg VA water heater repair needs. Our commercial plumbing experts can handle all your commercial water heating system needs including conventional water heaters and boiler systems. Our plumbing services can include preventative maintenance and service to keep your commercial water heating system in top working condition. We repair and service all brands of commercial water heaters and boilers and we install durable, commercial grade A.O. Smith energy efficient water heaters and boilers that provide great service for years while lowering your businesses energy costs.

For fast, expert service, repair, and installation of your residential or commercial water heater or boiler system, contact our Sterling Water Heater Repair Specialists at Kiddco Plumbing, Northern Virginia’s water heater and boiler experts. Kiddco Plumbing can handle all your water heater and boiler needs.

Sink Repairs & Installation

Leesburg VA Sink Repairs

Do you need Leesburg VA sink repairs? Kiddco Plumbing can help! Repairing, replacing or installing a new sink is one of those jobs that’s a little harder to get done right than it seems. What seems like a simple job often turns into a weekend long hassle trying to fit the new sink into the opening, line up the water supply lines and drain pipes, install the faucets and other fixtures, and put the whole thing together so that the new sink is firmly secured in place, all the plumbing fits and work properly and none of the water supply lines or drains leak.

Why not save yourself the trouble and leave sink repairs, replacement and installation to the expert plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing? For over 20 years, Kiddco Plumbing has been serving all of Northern Virginia with top quality plumbing services and sink repairs by experienced plumbers at reasonable rates.

Chantilly Sink Installation

No matter what type of plumbing services you need in Northern Virginia, Kiddco Plumbing can help including Leesburg sink repairs, Sterling sink replacement and Chantilly sink installation. Whether you need help with a kitchen sink or bathroom sink or whether you are doing a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, you can rely on Kiddco Plumbing for fast, professional plumbing services.

Kiddco plumbers are experienced professional plumbers who can handle any type of sink repair including broken or leaking sink drains, broken or malfunctioning sink drain plugs, loose sinks and leaking or broken faucets.

Sterling Sink Repair Plumbers

If you need to replace the old sink with a new one, your Kiddco sink repair plumber in Sterling can help you choose the right sink for your kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen and bathroom sinks are made in a variety of materials and shapes to fit any taste and budget. We will remove and dispose of the old sink, professionally install your beautiful new sink, reinstall your old fixtures or install new fixtures, hook up the drain line and install the garbage disposal if you have one.

After we test the drains and water supply lines and clean up the area, your new sink will be ready to use! When you need sink installation or sink repairs or any type of commercial or residential plumbing service in Northern Virginia, contact our Leesburg Sink Repair Experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

Faucet Repair & Installation

Sterling Faucet Repair Plumbers

If you need a Sterling faucet repair plumber or plumbing repairs anywhere in Northern Virginia, Kiddco Plumbing can help. A leaky or broken faucet is more than just annoying. Leaky faucets waste water and while it may not seem like much, all that water can add up. Just one steadily dripping faucet can waste about 2,000 gallons per year. Multiply that by the number of leaky faucets in your home and you’ve got a lot of water and money going down the drain.

In addition, if your faucet leaks around the base of the handle, all that water can cause a lot of damage to your cabinets. Get those leaky faucets fixed today by calling Northern Virginia’s faucet repair experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

McLean VA Faucet Repair Plumbing

Kiddco Plumbing offers dependable faucet repairs to all of Northern Virgina including Sterling, Ashburn, and Mclean VA faucet repair plumbing. Kiddco’s plumbers have years of plumbing services experience repairing all types of faucets including compression faucets, disc faucets, ball faucets and cartridge faucets. They can repair sink faucets, shower faucets and bath faucets by all faucet manufacturers. You can count on Kiddco’s professional plumbers for expert, unbiased advice on whether it is more cost effective to repair or replace your faucets.

We don’t work for any of the faucet manufacturers and our plumbers are not paid on commission so there is no incentive to sell you a new faucet if you don’t need one. On the other hand, in many cases the cost of repairing your old faucet might be more than the cost of a new faucet. Our plumbers will give you honest advice about your faucet repairs.

Experienced Plumbers Ashburn

Offering dependable experienced plumbers in Asburn, Mclean, Sterling and the entire Northern Virginia area, Kiddco Plumbing can help save money on your water bill. If you need new faucets during a kitchen repair or bathroom repair, ask your Kiddco plumber about conserving water and saving money on your water bill with a new WaterSense faucet. A WaterSense faucet uses about 30 percent less water than a conventional faucet with no loss in performance. You’ll save money in the long run by installing a new WaterSense faucet.

For faucet repairs, replacement, and new faucet installations, call the plumbers you can trust for honest, unbiased faucet advice as well as top quality faucet repairs and installation. Contact our Sterling Faucet Repair Plumbers at Kiddco for all your faucet needs.


Sterling VA Clogged Toilet Repairs

If you need Sterling VA clogged toilet repairs, call the Northern Virginia toilet repair experts at Kiddco Plumbing. You depend on your toilets to work properly when you need them. When they don’t, the result is, at best, an inconvenience and more likely a mess. You can depend on Kiddco Plumbing for top quality residential and commercial plumbing services.

Unclog Toilets Merrifield

Kiddco Plumbing can unclog toilets in Merrifield, Leesburg, Sterling and all of Nothern Virginia. If your toilet doesn’t flush, if it runs constantly or if it has “ghost flushes”, you most likely have a problem with the floats, valves or other mechanisms inside your toilet tank. Kiddco’s plumbers are experts at repairing all types and brands of toilet floats and valves including low flow toilets and the latest high efficiency WaterSense toilets. They carry a wide selection of replacement parts on their modern service vehicles and can usually have your toilet working great in a single short visit.

Toilet leaks can come from the base, around the tank, from the water supply line or from a cracked or damaged toilet. Whatever the source, toilet leaks need prompt attention. The water can cause expensive damage to the subflooring and depending on the source of the leak, it can also be a health hazard. Our expert plumbers will find and repair toilet leaks from any source. They can also secure wobbly or loose toilets.

Leesburg Toilet Repair Plumbers

Serving all of Northern Virginia with top quality toilet reparis, Kiddco’s plumbers are expert Leesburg toilet repair plumbers. When it’s time for a new toilet, Kiddco Plumbing can help you select the right toilet for your home or office. Consider installing a new water saving low flow toilet or high efficiency WaterSense toilet that can save you money on your water bill by using up to twenty percent less water than a standard toilet. They will remove your old toilet and install a great new toilet in your home or business. They will even haul away and dispose of your old toilet.

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, replacing an old toilet or need repairs on your existing toilet at your home, office, business or other commercial facility, contact our Sterling Clogged Toilet Repair Experts at Kiddco Plumbing for top quality toilet repairs and installation.

Kitchen Repair

Sterling VA Kitchen Repair Plumbers

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, updating your sinks and faucets, installing a new dishwasher, replacing a garbage disposal, need a leaky kitchen faucet repaired, or just need the best in Sterling VA kitchen repair plumbers, Kiddco Plumbing is your Northern Virginia kitchen fixture repair and replacement headquarters. The experienced kitchen plumbing experts at Kiddco Plumbing can handle any kitchen fixture repairs or replace any kitchen fixtures from fixing a leaky faucet to a total kitchen renovation.

Ashburn Kitchen Repair Plumbing Services

Kiddco Plumbing offers a complete range of kitchen repair and remodeling services to all of Northern Virginia including Ashburn kitchen repair plumbing services! We replace faucets and sinks, install garbage disposals, dishwashers and ice machines, and we can help with your kitchen renovation by re-routing water supply lines and drain lines.

No job is too big or too small for the kitchen plumbing repair experts at Kiddco Plumbing. Call today to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives about your kitchen plumbing repair needs. All of our plumbers have many years of plumbing experience and training so you know you can depend on them for first class plumbing no matter what kind of work you need done.

McLean Kitchen Plumbing

By focusing on meeting the needs of each customer, we have earned our reputation for superior quality plumbing services at reasonable rates for plumbing services throughout Northern Virginia including McLean kitchen plumbing. Our knowledgeable plumbers work by the hour, not by the job so you can rely on their advice with confidence. They won’t try to sell you work you don’t need. Give us a chance to earn your business and you’ll see why Kiddco Plumbing is the only plumbing contractor you will ever need to call.

You can try to do it yourself, but our reasonable rates make leaving your kitchen plumbig repairs to Kiddco Plumbing the obvious choice. We always provide you with a full estimate of the work up front to avoid any surprises and we offer a full workmanship warranty on all of our work. Contact our Sterling Kitchen Repair Plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing that have been serving the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia for over 20 years so you know we will be here in the unlikely event of any problems with your kitchen fixtures.

Bathroom Repairs

Sterling Bathroom Repairs

When you need bathroom repairs anywhere in Northern Virginia including Sterling bathroom repairs, call Kiddco Plumbing. If you are remodeling your bathroom at your home or business, or if any of your bathroom fixtures are not working properly, the expert plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing can help. Most bathrooms get heavy use throughout the day. After awhile, this constant use can take a toll on your bathroom fixtures. If you have broken or leaking faucets, tubs, toilets or sinks, toilets that don’t flush or don’t stop flushing, clogged drains, wobbly toilets or any other bathroom issues, call Kiddco Plumbing.

Merrifield VA Bathroom Plumbers

If you need a Merrifield VA bathroom plumber, look no further than Kiddco Plumbing, Northern Virginia’s go-to plumber for all types of bathroom repairs and bathroom remodeling. Our plumbers are experts in repairing all types of bathroom fixtures. We use the latest tools and equipment to quickly clear clogged drains and toilets. We repair all major brands of faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, shower stalls, whirlpools and any other bathroom fixtures.

Kiddco Plumbing is your source for expert bathroom remodeling assistance. We can help you choose high quality, efficient bathroom fixtures that will look great and work great for years to come. We will remove and dispose of your old fixtures, relocate water lines and drains as needed, and professionally install your new bathroom fixtures. Whether you are adding a new steam shower, installing a whirlpool, replacing your toilet, updating your faucets or doing a complete bathroom makeover, you can depend on the bathroom plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing for expert advice and professional installation.

Herndon Bathroom Plumbing Contractor

Serving all of Northern Virginia, Kiddco is the Herndon bathroom plumbing contractor you can count on for energy efficient bathroom fixtures. Ask your Kiddco plumber about conserving water and saving big on your utility bills with WaterSense fixtures. A family of four can save about $130 a year on their water bills and $40 on their energy bills for heating water by replacing their old bathroom fixtures with high efficiency WaterSense faucets, toilets and showerheads. WaterSense fixtures are good for your budget and great for the environment.

For all your bathroom repair needs including clearing clogged drains and toilets and repair and replacement of bathroom fixtures, contact our Sterling Bathroom Repair Experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

Garbage Disposals

Leesburg VA Garbage Disposal Repair

Leesburg garbage disposal repair and installation is one of the many plumbing services offered by Kiddco Plumbing to all of Northern Virginia. A garbage disposal is a useful convenience in the kitchen and almost a necessity in most restaurants and food service facilities. Kiddco Plumbing installs and repairs garbage disposals from light duty residential garbage disposals to heavy duty commercial models.

Garbage disposals work in a harsh environment and are often subject to abuse from overloading or accidently dropping silverware and other hard items down the drain. Garbage disposal repairs are usually necessary due to jamming, leaking, a burned out motor or a worn out impeller.

Sterling Garbage Disposal Installation

If you need Sterling garbage disposal installation or repair, you can count on Kiddco Plumbing for fast, friendly service. In some cases, you can free a jammed garbage disposal with a broom handle, but you can do more harm than good and the better alternative is to leave it to a professional plumber. If the garbage disposal simply stopped working, you may be able to fix it by pushing the reset button. If that does not work or if you need to frequently reset the unit, it is time to call the garbage disposal experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

Under no circumstances should you ever put your hand down a garbage disposal for any reason. If a valuable item like a ring or watch fell down the disposal, let an experienced Kiddco plumber safely retrieve it.

McLean Kitchen Disposal Repairs

Serving all of Northern Virginia including McLean kitchen disposal repairs, Kiddco plumbers are experts in the repair of all types and models of garbage disposals. Many times a garbage disposal can be repaired and put back in use to provide many more years of good service. Your Kiddco plumber will troubleshoot your garbage disposal and help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best option for your kitchen disposal.

If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced because it is beyond repair or if you are upgrading to a more powerful unit, contact our Leesburg Garbage Disposal Repair Experts at Kiddco Plumbing for fast, professional installation of your new garbage disposal. We will handle the plumbing and electrical hookups and dispose of your old unit. With over 20 years of serving the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia, you can count on Kiddco Plumbing for all your garbage disposal needs.

Camera Inspections

Sterling Plumbing Camera Inspections

If you need Sterling plumbing camera inspections, you will be glad to know that Kiddco Plumbing is committed to using the latest technology to provide top quality, cost effective plumbing services to Sterling and all of Northern Virginia. Our cutting edge digital video and still camera equipment allows us to inspect the inside of your sewer and drain lines and pinpoint the location and nature of any issues you may be having with your sewer and drain lines.

Chantilly Drain Line Video Inspections

If your sewer and drain lines are blocked, our expert plumbers use our video camera equipment to perform Chantilly drain line video inspections and find the location of the blockage and identify what is causing the problem.

Armed with the information from the drain line video inspection, we can eliminate unnecessary digging and move straight to the proper tools and techniques for clearing the clog. Many types of clogs are best cleared with high pressure hydro jetting while others require the use of a commercial grade metal plumbing snake.

Leesburg VA Plumbing

For the latest in modern Leesburg VA plumbing, call Kiddco Plumbing, the Northern Virginia plumber with the latest in modern plumbing equipment. Our video camera inspection allows us to determine if your sewer and drain lines are cracked, broken or collapsed and whether or not they are infiltrated with tree roots. We will also be able to assess the condition of the rest of your lines to help you make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace damaged sections of the pipe.

If you are purchasing or selling a property, video camera inspections are a great way to check out the condition of the sewer and drain lines. Avoid unexpected expensive sewer line repairs by having the sewer lines inspected before closing. Digital video sewer and drain line inspections are good tools for sellers too. In this competitive real estate market, sellers need every edge over the competition they can get. We will record the inspection on a DVD and you can provide prospective buyers with a copy of the DVD documenting the sound condition of your sewer and drain lines.

Contact our Sterling Plumbing Camera Inspections Specialists today for reliable sewer and drain line inspections. You can count on Kiddco Plumbing to lead the way with the latest plumbing technology and innovative solutions for your plumbing issues.

Gas Leaks

Sterling VA Gas Leak Detection

For fast Sterling VA gas leak detection, call Kiddco Plumbing. We serve the Northern Virginia area with fast response times, efficient gas leak detection using sophisticated gas leak detection equipment and top quality gas leak repairs for residential and commercial plumbing clients. If you have a gas leak or even suspect you have a gas leak, you need professional help fast from the trained gas leak detection experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

Natural gas is an excellent clean burning energy source with an outstanding safety record. For home heating, cooking, water heating, commercial and industrial applications, natural gas is economical, safe and efficient.

McLean Gas Leak Repairs

Kiddco Plumbing handles all types of gas leak detection and repairs throughout Northern Virginia including McLean gas leak repairs. Natural gas explosions are rare, but they do occur. Gas leak detection and repair are very important at the first sign of a gas leak. Natural gas is odorless, but a strong rotten egg smell is added to the case in case of a leak. If you smell gas, you should evacuate the building immediately and call 911 from outside the building. Don’t do anything that could cause a spark inside the building including using the telephone, flipping switches or unplugging any appliances.

Do not go back into the building until emergency personnel tell you that it is safe to enter. In the meantime, your next call should be to the gas leak and repair experts at Kiddco Plumbing. We are available 24/7 for gas leak detection and repair in Northern Virginia.

Reston Gas Line Plumbers
You can count on Kiddco Plumbing to be there when you need fast, professional Reston gas line plumbers or expert plumbing services anywhere in Northern Virginia. We use high tech gas leak detection equipment to find the source of the leak and our experienced plumbers will get your gas leak fixed fast.

Kiddco’s plumbers stand behind our work with one of the best workmanship guarantees in the business. Contact our Sterling Gas Leak Detecton Experts at Kiddco Plumbing for any planned or emergency gas line service needs. If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, just let us know and we will do what it takes to make it right.

Hydro Jetting

Sterling High Pressure Hydro Jetting

Are you looking for an experienced plumbing contractor that offers Sterling high pressure hydro jetting? Kiddco Plumbing offers professional high pressure hydro jetting to the entire Northern Virginia area. Clogged drain and sewer lines are one of the most frustrating plumbing problems facing homeowners and businesses. A clogged drain or sewer line can cause all of the sinks, toilets, showers and other plumbing fixtures in the home or commercial building to back up.

Leesburg VA Water Jetting

Kiddco Plumbing uses the latest equipment and techniques for expert Leesburg VA water jetting. The traditional method used to clear a sewer or drain line is to use a commercial grade plumbing snake with a special cutting head to cut through the clog. Plumbing snakes are an important part of every plumber’s toolbox, but they have some limitations. Plumbing snakes can cut through most clogs, but they leave behind bits of debris and gunk that provide a starting point for a new clog to form.

This is especially true for clogs caused by root infiltrations. When roots from trees and shrubs infiltrate drain lines, grease, oil, sludge, paper, hair and other debris quickly accumulate on the tree roots and clog the pipe. A plumbing snake can cut through the clog allowing the water to drain, but most of the roots are left behind and a new clog will quickly form

Ashburn Clearing Sewer Lines

If you need an experienced Ashburn plumber to clear your sewer lines, call the Northern Virginia sewer line experts. Kiddco Plumbing uses modern high pressure hydro jetting to remove tough clogs in drain lines and sewer lines. Kiddco Plumbing’s hydro jetting equipment uses water pressurized to about 3,000 psi to scour the inside of your pipes to remove built up layers of scum and debris and clear your sewer lines. Our trained plumbers insert high pressure water hose with a specially designed nozzle into the pipe and spray the inside of the pipe with highly pressurized water.

Hydro jetting uses no caustic chemicals and is safe for your pipes and sewer lines. Hydro jetting thoroughly cuts through clogs and removes the entire clog, including tree and shrub roots. The water used to clear the clog and clean the pipe flows down the train along with the clog and debris. Your drain and sewer lines will be returned to nearly new condition. For tough sewer and drain line clogs, contact our Sterling High Pressure Hydro Jetting Experts at Kiddco Plumbing.

Sewer Line Service

Sterling Sewer Line Repair

When you need Sterling sewer line repair and service, you need Kiddco Plumbing, the full service professional plumbing contractors serving Sterling and all of Northern Virginia with over twenty years experience in repair and installation of sewer lines. Sewer line repair and service is more complicated than many other plumbing repairs so it is important that any sewer line repairs are done by a qualified plumbing contractor like Kiddco Plumbing.

Leesburg VA Sewer Repairs

Kiddco Plumbing has been serving the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia for over 20 years and has the experience needed for top quality professional plumbing services including Leesburg VA sewer repairs. Sewer line problems usually fall into one of two categories: either the sewer line is blocked resulting in backed up drains and toilets in your home or business or the sewer line is leaking as evidenced by a smelly puddle or mushy area in your yard.

In either case, you need to call Kiddco Plumbing right away. We use state-of-the-art video camera inspections to look inside your sewer line and find out what is causing the problem. Using our digital video cameras, we will be able to determine if your sewer line is cracked, broken, clogged or collapsed. If there is a clog, the digital video camera inspection will show if the clog is due to infiltration by tree roots or from some other source.

Chantilly Sewer Line Contractors

Kiddco is the Chantilly sewer line contractor you can count of for fast, efficient sewer line repairs. Once we know what the problem is, our plumbers will be able to quickly and effectively repair your sewer line. Our modern high pressure hydro jetting equipment is usually and effective technique for clearing sewer line clogs and cleaning the inside of the sewer line of sludge build up. The inside of your sewer line will be returned to nearly new condition and your sewer line can flow freely.

If the clog was due to root infiltration, clearing the clog is only a temporary solution. The roots will soon grow back and a new clog will form. Root infiltrations, leaking, collapsed and broken sewer lines all need to be repaired or replaced. In some cases, a section of sewer line can be repaired while other sewer lines will need to be completely replaced. Our digital video camera will provide us with the information needed to advise you on the best solution for your sewer line.

Contact our Sterling Sewer Line Repair Plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing today for reliable and affordable sewer line services that will have your sewer lines quickly and safely cleared of any clogs.

Sump & Ejector Pumps

Sterling VA Sump Pumps

If you have residential or commercial plumbing that relies on sump pumps to keep water out of the basement or on ejector pumps for a waste water line installed below the level of your sewer line, you can count on Kiddco Plumbing for fast, professional repair or replacement of sump and ejector pumps throughout all of Northern Virginia including Sterling VA sump pumps and ejector pumps.

Sump pumps are used to pump water out from under the basement, crawlspace or lower floor of your home or commercial building. Usually the source of the water is rainwater that accumulates faster than the ground can absorb it. The water accumulates in a sump below ground level and is pumped away from the building before it can flood the building.

Reston Ejector Pump Repairs

For reliable Reston ejector pump repairs, depend on Northern Virginia’s ejector pump experts at Kiddco Plumbing. Sump pumps are also used to pump accumulated condensation from central air conditioning systems away from the home or commercial building if a gravity drain is not possible or impractical.

Sewage ejector pumps are used to pump waste water from a kitchen, bathroom, sink or other plumbing fixtures installed below the level of the sewer service line. Sewage ejector pumps are commonly used when installing a bathroom or kitchen in a finished basement area, but in some cases, part or all of a house may be built below the level of the sewer line service.

Falls Church Sump Pump Installation

Serving all of Northern Virgina, Kiddco Plumbing can handle your Reston, Sterling, or Falls Church sump pump installation. Sump pump and sewage ejector pump installations must be very carefully designed and installed by knowledgeable, experienced plumbers in order to work correctly. A poorly designed or installed ejector pump or sump pump will not work properly and will cause endless problems.

Kiddco Plumbing has been in the plumbing business for more than 20 years. Our plumbers have the experience and training to install, replace and repair all types of sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps. If you have a sump pump or sewage ejector pump that is not working properly, contact our Sterling Sump Pump Experts at Kiddco Plumbing to repair it or replace it with high quality replacement pump. You can depend of Kiddco to handle your sump pump and ejector pump needs.

Backflow Testing

Leesburg Backflow Testing

When you need Leesburg backflow testing, call Kiddco Plumbing. We’re the Northern Virginia experts in backflow prevention device testing and inspection. We use the latest techniques and cutting edge backflow testing equipment to accurately test and inspect backflow protection devices.

A backflow preventer protects the public drinking water supplies against accidental contamination from the unintentional flow of water back into the municipal water supply lines from homes, offices, commercial buildings and other water consumers.

Sterling VA Backflow Problem

Call the backflow prevention experts at Kiddco Plumbers when you need help with a Sterling backflow problem or anywhere in Northern Virginia. Ordinarily, water pressure keeps clean water flowing from the municipal water supply to consumers. However, under some circumstances of lowered water pressure such as a broken water main or high water volume usage, the water pressure in the customer’s residential or commercial plumbing can be higher than the water pressure in the municipal water lines. Under these circumstances, water can flow backwards into the water supply lines where it will mix with clean water and be delivered to another consumer downstream.

A backflow problem can result in contamination of the clean water supply. For example, if you have an irrigation system, chemicals used to treat your lawn can infiltrate your irrigation lines and in a backflow situation, these chemicals will be siphoned into the water supply and contaminate it.

McLean Backflow Plumbing Services

Kiddco Plumbing provides expert backflow solutions to businesses and residents in Northern Virginia including McLean backflow plumbing services. Various federal, state and municipal ordinances regulate whether you need a backflow preventer and whether or not it needs to be inspected annually. At Kiddco Plumbing, our plumbers are certified to perform backflow testing as required by law.

You can depend on Kiddco for complete professional backflow testing and certification. We make it easy for you to comply with all required testing. We take care of compliance reporting and we can work around your schedule to complete testing during non-critical hours to minimize interruptions in service.

Our backflow preventer experts can handle all your backflow plumbing services needs from testing to installation, service and repair. We do testing and repair of backflow preventers on an as needed basis or we can arrange scheduled service and inspection so you have one less thing to remember. Contact our Leesburg Backflow Testing Specialists today to schedule an appointment to have your backflow tested to ensure it is in good working order.

Water Softeners

Northern Virginia Water Softener

Call Kiddco Plumbing when you need an expert plumber to install or repair a water softener in Northern Virginia. For over 20 years, residents of Leesburg, Fairfax, McClean, Loudoun County and all of the surrounding areas have turned to Kiddco Plumbing for help with hard water issues.

Whether you are on well water or get your water from a municipal water system, you and your family deserve clean, fresh tasting water. If your water is not up to par, call Kiddco Plumbing. We install, service and maintain water softeners and water conditioning systems to correct any type of water quality issue including hard water and smelly water.

Sterling VA Water Softener Installation

From Sterling water softener installation to Reston water softener service, our plumbing services professionals have the training, experience, and equipment to diagnose any water quality problem and help you choose a solution that is right for you and your family.

No one likes to drink bad, smelly water, but more importantly, bad water can affect your health. In addition, it can leave brown stains in your sinks, tubs and showers and water spots on your dishes. Hard water can even harm your plumbing and fixtures. When you are tired of living with bad water, call Kiddco Plumbing for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

Water Softener Repairs in Falls Church

If your existing water softener is not getting the job done, you will be glad to know that Kiddco Plumbing’s experienced plumbers are experts at water softener repairs in Falls Church, Chantilly, Springfield and all of Northern Virginia.

For honest, dependable water softener installation, service and repairs anywhere in Northern Virginia, you can depend on Kiddco Plumbing. Contact our Northern Virginia Water Softener Plumbers at Kiddco today and you could be enjoying sparkling clean, fresh, great tasting water in your home tomorrow!

Well Pump Service

Sterling Well Pump Service

Are you looking for dependable plumbing contractor that handles well pump service in Sterling VA? Your search is over! Kiddco Plumbing has been helping residents throughout Northern Virginia with their well pump issues for over 20 years.

Kiddco Plumbing’s experienced plumbers have the experience you can count on to handle any well pump issues. We are familiar with all types of wells, so no matter what type of well pump system you have, we can provide top quality well pump service, repairs and installation.

Leesburg VA Well Pump Installation

From Leesburg well pump installation to McLean well pump replacement, Kiddco Plumbing can handle any well pump problem you may be having. We handle installation, replacement, testing, service and repair of all major brands of well pumps as part of our plumbing services.

If you need a new well pump, we carry a full range of high quality well pumps so you can be sure that we have a great new well pump that is right for your system. With top quality professional installation by Kiddco Plumbing’s professional well pump plumbers, you can rest assured that your new well pump will provide years of trouble free service

24 Hour Emergency Well Pump Service in Springfield

Because Kiddco Plumbing knows that you need expert residential and commercial plumbing help fast when your well pump malfunctions, we provide 24 hour emergency well pump service in Springfield, Fairfax, Falls Church and all of Northern Virginia. A broken well pump means no water in your home – no water for showering, drinking, washing or flushing.

Our professional plumbers are on call day and night, seven days a week to be there when you need them to get your well operating again fast! Contact our Sterling Well Pump Service Plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing today and help will be on the way!

AO Smith Water Heaters

Sterling AO Smith Water Heaters

Are you looking for a Sterling AO Smith water heater? Kiddco Plumbing is proud to offer sales, installation and service of the complete line of A. O. Smith commercial and residential water heaters. A. O. Smith has been leading the way with innovative water heating solutions for the past 70 years. Whether you need a residential or commercial water heater, A. O. Smith offers a high quality, energy efficient water heater to fit your needs.

From conventional water heaters to tankless water heaters, boilers, and the cutting edge hybrid water heaters, A. O. Smith water heaters set the industry standard for energy efficiency and durability.

Kiddco carries A. O. Smith conventional, tankless and hybrid water heaters in both gas and electric models. For gas installations, choose from the ultra high efficiency Effex® line that offers the most efficient atmospheric gas water heater on the market, the efficient high volume Vertex® line that provides a long lasting supply of hot water for high volume households, the long lasting Conservationist with our DynaCleanTM II system and Blue Diamond® coating or choose one of the other many fine energy efficient gas water heaters.

AO Smith Water Heater Installation Reston VA

Kiddco Plumbing handles AO Smith water heater installation in Reston VA and all of Northern Virginia. For conventional electric water heaters, the ProMax® is an economical, energy efficient, durable choice. The Conservationist offers maximum energy savings combined with high volume. A. O. Smith also offers electric water heaters for mobile homes.

If you really want to go green, consider the exciting Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump is or the NEXT® Hybrid Gas water heater. These innovative water heaters combine the best of conventional and tankless water heaters.

For commercial plumbing applications, our plumbing experts can help you choose a water heating system that is right for your business. We offer durable, high efficiency water heaters, boilers and skid systems from A. O. Smith to meet the needs of your business or commercial application.

Kiddco is Northern Virginia’s A.O. Smith water heater installation headquarters. Contact our Sterling AO Smith Water Heater Experts today to find out more about how an energy efficient A.O. Smith water heater professionally installed by a Kiddco plumber can save you big money on your energy costs.

24 Hour Plumbing Repairs Ashburn

Contact our Sterling Plumbing Service Experts at Kiddco Plumbing today for high quality plumbing services including 24 hour plumbing repairs in Ashburn at affordable prices that will address all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.