A broken sewer pipe in need of septic system service
Sewer systems are the most important function of your home. Why? Because every plumbing fixture in your home is connected to it. When you hear the word “sewers” you may initially consider the sewer pipes that run from the streets into the government-operated treatment facilities.

However, sewer pipes also carry wastewater all throughout your home. Without a functioning sewage system in your house, you won’t be able to get rid of used toilet water, sink water, dish water, or any other form of wastewater your home has.

Similarly, if your home uses a septic tank, you’ll want to make sure that’s in working order. Kiddco Plumbing is the No. 1 plumbing service for any septic service you might require.

Sewer Line Repair

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping good care of your sewer pipes to prevent any potential damage. Unfortunately, even though most sewer pipes are expected to last between 50-100 years on average, breaks happen. Sewer line breaks can be an absolute nightmare, especially if it happens inside your home or on your property.

Luckily, the experienced plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing are ready to help. Using a drain camera inspection, we will investigate the source of the problem and determine what steps we need to take for your sewer repair job. If necessary, we’re also happy to perform any needed sewer line replacements.

Sewer Cleaning

A clogged sewer drain pipe could eventually lead to a broken one. That’s why it’s crucial that you perform any necessary cleaning maintenance before it leads to bigger issues. Clogged pipes could also lead to a buildup in the system which could also flood certain areas. You’ll want to undergo a proper sewer cleanout before the situation gets worse.

Our plumbing experts can use a hydro jet cleaner to remove any debris stuck in the sewage pipes, if necessary. The hydro jet cleaner is an ideal method of sewer drain cleaning that cleans your sewer pipes without the need to dig in your yard. Kiddco is the sewer cleaning company that can get the job done.

Emergency Sewer Line Repair

For 24/7 emergency sewer and septic repairs or any other emergency needs in Northern Virginia including on nights and weekends, call the plumbing specialists at Kiddco Plumbing.

“Corey from Kiddco came out today and did an awesome job diagnosing my ‘pulsating water’ noise problem. I was told it was probably the pressure reducing valve (PRV) causing this problem, but needed an expert to provide insight. Corey did just as he did, not only did he confirm the PRV needed to be replaced, but he also added the fact that I needed to add a water expansion tank, which was something I was already thinking to have installed. Corey was honest, provided a breakdown of the costs and answered all my questions with detail. Thank you Kiddco! You’ve made this customer happy!”

Esther W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if sewer pipe is leaking?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you might have a sewer pipe leak.

  1. You notice pools of water forming in your yard or in other areas that have contact with sewer lines.
  2. Your faucet produces colored water when you turn it on.
  3. You smell strange odors in your home, especially in areas that have outlets to the sewer system.
  4. You hear dripping water even after you’ve turned off all of the faucets in your home.
  5. The walls of your home have cracks, dampness, or mold forming on them.
  6. You have slow drains in your home such as in the kitchen sink, shower, tub, or floor drains.
  7. If you live in an older home, you might notice the sewer pipes looking worn out. The typical lifespan of a sewer pipe is 50-100 years but they can wear out faster if they’re not taken care of.

If you have noticed any of these things happening in your home, it is critical that you schedule a visit from a plumber to determine if you need a repair or replacement for your sewer pipe.

When is the city responsible for sewer lines?

Any sewage pipes that exist within your property are your responsibility. Any sewer pipes that are not underneath the property of a home are the city’s jurisdiction. That means the city’s sewer pipes mostly consist of the main ones that run through the city. Those connect to your personal sewer lines, which you’re responsible for.

How deep is the sewer line in my yard?

It depends on your property. Some sewer lines are as shallow as 12 inches from the ground. Some sewer lines are as deep as 6 feet. Typically, colder climates will have deeper sewer lines so that they’re less at risk of freezing over in the winter.