What Our Clients Say

“My guest bathroom had a medium-level emergency (six days before Christmas!). Kiddco Plumbing sent out an exceptional plumber in less than an hour. Jason was meticulous, explained everything that needed to be done, fixed the problem with replacement parts (after showing me what was wrong with the worn-out parts), then cleaned up his work area. The charges for the services performed were quite within reason.”

L. A. L.

“Called Kiddco yesterday because I needed both toilets in my apartment fixed ASAP. Jesse arrived bright and early this morning, got everything fixed in a timely fashion and was very personable. The last company I called gave me a song and dance about “needing to get parts” and their quote on the same fix came in about twenty dollars higher. Turns out this was an easy fix and Jesse made it happen without having to reschedule. Appreciate it!”

Rekha H.

“As a medical professional we depend on all systems running 100%. When we had an air leak in our vacuum system, Kiddco came out and found the problem quickly and professionally. Even after having to jump through hoops to even access the building due to building management. I recommend Kiddco Plumbing for all of your commercial needs.”

Joseph M.

“I own a small business in Loudoun and have used Kiddco for all my plumbing needs. We are a hair salon so water is a no waiting matter. Three times now I’ve reached out needing immediate help and they have came to the rescue each time. The techs have all been nice and never leave a mess. Will continue to refer them!”

Salon V.

“I am very pleased with Kiddco’s service. They were the ONLY company that actually answered their phone/returned my call promptly for an after hours weekend emergency plumbing situation and they came out to resolve our problem in the middle of the night. There are many companies that advertise 24/7 service but this was the only company that was truly available and willing to help. Kiddco’s on call service provider was courteous and efficient in helping us…highly recommended!!”

Jenn B.

“Corey from Kiddco came out on a rush job for one of my clients. He was exceptionally careful on the property and was able to successfully diagnose a particularly tricky issue. Thanks, Kiddco, you are now on my “good” contractor list. A realtor can never have enough good trade people on their list.”

Mary W.

“We had a leak that 2 other companies could not fix properly. I will not call or use any other company from now on for my plumbing needs.”

Steven G.

“Kiddco is a great plumbing company with good emergency response service at all hours. They are capable of handling ANY plumbing problems that a house or condo might have.”

Mike H.

“I had a plumbing emergency at 9pm on a Saturday Night. Andy was in my home within 20 minutes and easily and effectively repaired the damage. Great attitude and an honest plumber – what more could you want? I’d give this place 10 stars if I could.”

David H.

“I had an incredible experience working with Kiddco and highly recommend them. Pricing was fair and exactly what was expected and explained on the phone. I will use them in the future for any issues that arise.”

Kevin W.

“The gentleman from Kiddco sacrificed his entire evening snaking out the drain. He was courteous, professional, clean, and incredibly kind. He brought drop cloths and everything he needed to keep my floor from getting any worse. I so appreciate the time he took to make sure the job was done right.”

Krissy B.

“We live in California but own a condo in Fairfax. We had an issue with a toilet which was not flushing well anymore and needed to be replaced. The HOA advised us to call Kiddco because they have done quite a bit of business in the complex. It is not often we find honest, hard-working businessmen like this anymore. I highly recommend using Kiddco for plumbing needs!”

Samantha S.

“Bobby arrived within the designated appointment window, and was courteous and professional from the outset. The initial job (line check and faucet installation) turned into a much bigger ordeal after one of the sink angle stop valves failed during testing. Bobby kept his cool and got the situation under control; the outcome could have been much worse (significant flooding) with a less experienced plumber. Bobby worked steadily and methodically to resolve all of the new and outstanding issues, and walked me through each repair. At the end of the repair/installation, Bobby made sure I was satisfied with the work before packing up his gear and heading out. I thought the final price was fair given the scope and quality of services performed. I have confidence that Kiddco will stand behind their work, and I appreciated the company sending out a plumber that was already familiar with my condo building.”

Harrison K.

“After trying everything to fix my clogged bathroom sink I had to throw in the towel and get some professional help. My building’s management recommended I give Kiddco a call. Spoke with Dan who was very nice and helpful, he arranged to have Andy (who was already going to be in the neighborhood) stop by my unit the next day. That morning Andy arrived with his tools and got everything resolved in no time at all. I appreciated the extra mile he took to seal up some leaks and even scrubbed the sink clean after removing some vile gunk. The price for his time was more than reasonable in my book. I told Andy on his way out I hope I don’t have to see him again, but if I need a plumber in the future I won’t hesitate to give Kiddco a call!”

Patrick P.

“Andy came right on time, and got right to work. He explained everything in terms I could understand which is great. Not condescending, just mater of fact. I don’t need a chatty plumber, I just need one that explains himself well, get’s the work done fast and correct the 1st time and keeps the cost down in doing so. Andy was just that guy.”

Terry F.

“Corey from Kiddco came out today and did an awesome job diagnosing my ‘pulsating water’ noise problem. I was told it was probably the pressure reducing valve (PRV) causing this problem, but needed an expert to provide insight. Corey did just as he did, not only did he confirm the PRV needed to be replaced, but he also added the fact that I needed to add a water expansion tank, which was something I was already thinking to have installed. Corey was honest, provided a breakdown of the costs and answered all my questions with detail. Thank you Kiddco! You’ve made this customer happy!”

Esther W.

“Needed a backflow test, which I should have scheduled much sooner. Then the next morning hubs told me that winterization of the system had been scheduled for before the backflow test, which doesn’t work because you need water in the system. So when I called back the next day and explained, without me even asking, the gentleman at kiddco offered to send his guy out at 730am before they’re even really supposed to schedule them. Now, if I had been a long time customer I might expect this type of service, but this was our first time using them. I was so grateful. Their service was wonderful.”

Nikki B.

“Epic! A real life saver. Andy was our tech, very professional and punctual. If anyone has anything they need done you need to call them.”

Kenny F.

“I have used them several times and have always been pleased. They come quickly and show us as promised.”

Ronald H.

“Very personable and knowledgeable. It’s hard to find a company with both qualities.”

Laura A

“I’ve used them several times and they have great service. Prices are reasonable, they show up on time and do a good job. It’s taken me 24 years of living in this area to finally find a good plumber. These guys are it.”

Peter F

“I found Kiddco online when I was looking for a plumber to complete one of the home inspection items on a property where I was representing a Seller… I will be using Kiddco Plumbing again for my future plumbing needs!”

Cathy S

“Friendly and knowledgeable. Same day response is a huge plus. Highly recommended!!!”

Talgat T

“I was extremely happy with the service that I received from Kiddco. Their on-line customer service was excellent and the plumber did great work. He explained to me what I needed and made sure that I understood his recommendations and answered all of my questions. I will call them again and have already recommended them to neighbors.”

Amy K