As a home or business owner, you may have heard of backflow testing before. Many Northern Virginia localities require annual testing and regular servicing of your backflow preventer device. You may receive a notice to submit your testing results to your local government or water company. But as you’re reading the notice, you’re becoming more and more unsure about what it is and what you need to do to get it done. Luckily, we’re here to answer the questions you might be asking yourself. What is backflow testing and why do you need it?

Backflow testing is a plumbing service that checks your backflow preventer device by assessing its pressure levels. When backflow is present, untreated or contaminated water can be back-siphoned into your clean water. For this reason, testing guarantees the water you use for drinking and showering is safe and sterile. Notably, as mandated by the state of Virginia, you must conduct annual testing by a certified backflow testing company.

First, What is Backflow?

All water systems use specific pipes that bring clean drinking water in, and other pipes that carry waste out of the home. Backflow occurs when decreased pressure levels cause a disruption in the normal flow of this water system. As a result, this decrease in water pressure results in contaminated wastewater (from a toilet or hose) flowing out through the clean water pipes instead of through the waste pipes as it should.

In general, several situations can trigger a backflow event:

  • Heavy water usage from a local public source (i.e. fire hydrant used during a fire event)
  • Damage to water supply lines
  • Pump failures

Specifically, you need to know that an individual backflow event might impact you, your neighborhood, and conceivably, the entire county-wide water system. Thus, your backflow problems could lead to problems for many people. However, there are backflow prevention devices and procedures which will safeguard against contamination of the water system.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is a check valve unit installed on your pipes that allows water to only flow in one direction. Mechanically powered backflow preventers open and close valves automatically. As a result, this mechanism completely eliminates the possibility of your wastewater entering the drinking water system. In the event of a backflow preventer failure, serious complications arise.

To demonstrate, Aquestia explains how backflow preventers work here:

Additionally, having irrigation or sprinkler systems, in both residential and commercial settings, requires annual testing. Leesburg, VA, Fairfax, VA, and many other Northern Virginia communities require annual testing of your device.

Backflow Preventer Testing: How it Works

The purpose of backflow preventer testing is to see if you have a backflow problem then determine what is causing it. Usually, proper testing requires you to temporarily disconnect your water service. This is one reason why backflow testing needs to be done by a certified company like Kiddco Plumbing Inc. We will handle your disconnection so you don’t have to. It’s important to realize that by failing to conduct a backflow test, you may be at risk of having your water permanently disconnected.

On your backflow testing day, your neighborhood plumber will make arrangements to have your water service stopped temporarily. Then, your technician will open and close the valves on your backflow device. At the same time, the plumber watches for pressure changes while taking pressure measurements. Finally, the tester will make sure the system activates properly. When finished, your Kiddco plumber will reinitiate your water service, fill out the necessary paperwork, and submit your results directly.

Where to Get Backflow Testing Done in Northern Virginia

Backflow Testing in Leesburg, VA

Leesburg, VA requires annual testing performed by a certified backflow tester. Inspection of a backflow prevention system demands the examination of many working parts. Annual backflow testing in Leesburg requires PSI readings for both check valves and gate valves among other practices that ensure your water is safe. Kiddco Plumbing will manage everything from shutting off your water to submitting the proper paperwork to the city. Your only job is to get the ball rolling by giving us a call today.

Backflow Testing in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax instructs that backflow inspections occur on an annual basis. It is necessary to obtain a Fairfax County permit before conducting testing which is why you need to hire a backflow testing company with the proper certifications. Once completed, our plumbers will submit the test results directly to the county for you.

Kiddco Plumbing Inc. follows the Fairfax County backflow prevention program guidelines to ensure clean drinking water throughout the county. In the event of a backflow problem, we will work closely with Fairfax Water to isolate, minimize, and control it within 24 hours because we offer emergency plumbing services.

Backflow Testing in Loudoun, VA

Loudoun expects testing as part of the installation of a new backflow preventer device. From there, Loudoun requests testing results annually. If your device happens to fail its testing, Loudoun Water allows you 15 days to fix the issue and retest. Only a certified plumber can test, diagnose, and fix backflow preventer problems. Avoid the headache that comes with backflow preventer problems and schedule your backflow inspection today!

Backflow Testing Near Me

Kiddco Plumbing Inc. services residential and commercial clients near you and all across the Northern Virginia area. We provide comprehensive backflow testing and backflow prevention services in, Ashburn, Chantilly, Fairfax, Loudoun, Reston, and many other Northern Virginia regions. Using our 30+ years of expertise, we will provide the most accurate test results that we will promptly submit to the right local organization for you.

To schedule backflow testing, call Kiddco Plumbing today at (703) 435-4441 or contact us online.

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