Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

As the use of mobile devices skyrockets, so does the amount of time people spend on their toilets. And there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable, or even faulty, social media throne! Toilet problems can vary and knowing when it’s time to replace your toilet might be confusing. From plumbing problems to improving comfort, we’ll share our expertise so you know when to replace your toilet.

Know when to replace a toilet & learn the common reasons for toilet replacements: clogs, leaks, and the toilet’s age.

Depending on the user, the reason to replace one’s toilet varies. However, there are a few key signs that you’re ready for a new toilet. Common reasons to replace a toilet include regular clogs, leaks, discomfort, saving water, and the toilet’s age.

Replace Your Toilet if it Clogs Often

It is not normal for a toilet to experience regular clogging. In fact, it’s likely a sign that you either need a replacement or need a professional to diagnose the issue. A toilet clogging daily or even weekly could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Ignoring a clogging problem might mean risking an even more expensive problem down the line. However, don’t worry about the rare clog. If you can attribute it to a clear source, then the occasional clog is nothing to stress about.

The Toilet is Leaking

If you have any kind of water damage to your walls or the floors around your toilet, you definitely need a toilet replacement. There are endless reasons why a toilet might be leaking water. Many of which you should not attempt to fix yourself. It’s best to call a professional plumber immediately if you see water leaking from your commode.

You Can’t Flush the Toilet

Whether your toilet is always running or not running at all, a toilet that doesn’t flush is useless. The ability to flush is basically the sole reason the toilet was invented. Usually, flushing issues come on slowly and gradually get worse.

When you can catch them early, you can often find a DIY fix. However, you should reach out to a professional for advice if you’ve never heard of a toilet flange, wax ring, or supply line.

The Toilet Bowl is Cracked

Replace a toilet if it has any cracks in the fixture because they will lead to water leaks in the wall and on the floor.A cracked toilet bowl, tank, or floor seal is the most painfully obvious sign that you need a toilet replacement. Although obvious that it needs fixing, the cracks themselves are not always obvious. Both invisible hairline cracks and discernable cracks will cause water to pool where your toilet meets the floor.

It may not be much at first but be sure to call a professional at the first sight of pooling water. If appropriate, a trained and certified plumber might provide a short-term solution; but eventually, you will need to get a full toilet replacement.

Your Toilet is Old

Toilets are extremely durable and the fixture itself does not need a routine replacement very often. Nevertheless, the inner parts of the toilet wear out more quickly and do require regular maintenance and replacements. The rule of thumb is to replace your porcelain throne every 20 years or so. Nonetheless, depending on how often the toilet is used and its current state, you may need a replacement sooner.

It’s Uncomfortable

Your toilet may not have any of these danger signs and be in perfect working order. But, you still might consider a toilet replacement if you are uncomfortable using it. When a toilet isn’t the right size, it can inhibit blood flow, produce unhealthy habits, or be generally displeasing. You deserve the best.

So, consider a toilet replacement if you’re not happy with your current toilet. Wondering what toilet is the best? We can help you find the best throne for your needs.

Saving Water and Money is Important

When to replace a toilet is often reliant on how much saving money in energy costs. Call Kiddco Plumbing to see how.Some toilets, especially those installed before 1994, are notorious water guzzlers. The vast amount of water that they use is not only bad for the environment but also for your wallet. If you’re thinking your toilet might be a water guzzler, you should consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model.

The EPA estimates that installing WaterSense toilets will save an average family of four approximately $90 per year in water bills. This is one way to conserve the environment and save money with Green Plumbing.

Do You Need a Plumber to Replace a Toilet? Or Can I Do it Myself?

Many home improvement jobs are simple and straightforward. Watch a few YouTube videos, try it out, and it ends fairly well. However, there are some jobs that should be left to a trained and certified professional. A full toilet replacement requires specialized tools, equipment, and above all, knowledge and expertise.

In the best-case scenario, it will probably take you quite a long time. In the worst-case scenario, you might cause long-term damage to your home and its plumbing system. Definitely call a plumber for toilet replacements.

Leesburg Toilet Repair Plumbers

Still not sure if you need a toilet replacement? Our honest plumbers come to your home or business to assess the problem. Together we devise a toilet replacement plan that includes removal, installation, securing, and disposing of your toilet. Call or schedule an appointment today with your neighborhood plumbers at Kiddco Plumbing!

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